Pattaya Roads

Pattaya Roads

Pattaya's downtown areas are easy to navigate.

Running North-South, a few hundred meters apart, are Pattaya Beach Road (Thanon Hat Pattaya) which borders the beach (Hat Pattaya), Pattaya Second Road and Pattaya Third Road (with the smaller but busy Soi Buakhao in between), and the main Sukhumvit Road coastal highway. Beach Road is one-way southbound, Second Road one way northbound.

These are connected by the three major east-west roads: North Pattaya Road (Thanon Pattaya Nua), Central Pattaya Road (Thanon Pattaya Klang) and South Pattaya Road (Thanon Pattaya Tai). 

Also connecting Beach Road and Second Road are a large number of smaller streets or Soi's. The main Soi's are numbered from 1 to 16, from North to South. Soi's 1-6 are between North Pattaya Road and Central Pattaya Road, Soi's 7-13 are between Central Pattaya Road and South Pattaya Road (including the Pattayaland Soi's, immediately North of South Pattaya Road), Soi's 14-16 are South of South Pattaya Road. Most of these East-West Soi's are (in theory at least) one-way!
Beach Road, Second Road, and North Pattaya Road (plus Naklua Road to the north) all meet at the Dolphin Roundabout landmark.
Second Road South of South Pattaya Road becomes Phratamnak Road, which shares a junction with both the southern end of Third Road and the northern end of the main road to Jomtien, Thappraya Road.

Walking Street, southern end of Pattaya Beach Road and south of South Pattaya Road is closed to vehicles in the evenings (currently 18:00-02:00) as this is the main tourist area for nightlife.
At the southern end of Walking Street is Bali Hai Pier.