Investment In The Thai Property Market

15 % return on investment per year and more!

Do You want to invest in the Thai property market?

There are a number of options to invest in the Thai property market other than with the direct purchase of a property. There are very often opportunities to become an investment partner for new real estate project(s).

Many developers require large capital to realize their projects, which sometimes they have problems raising, as it is nearly impossible for foreign developers to obtain a mortgage from a bank in Thailand. Therefore they seek and require additional private investors and capital funds.

Often a developer has sufficient capital funds to purchase large plots of prime development land with cash money but then requires additional capital funds to realize and develop the project.

Exactly because of this reason there are often excellent opportunities for private investors to participate and gain high profits in these new developments. Not only is there a high return on investment (15 to 30 % within 12 to 15 months or 30 to 50 % within 24 to 30 months), but also excellent security for the investor. This is achieved by the developer registering a mortgage on the title deed of the land and/or transferring the land title deed into the name of the investor as a joint partner in the venture. The value of the land is normally at least double the value compared to the amount that is invested.

Based on this both parties will enter into an investment agreement. In this agreement, the investor will transfer the land back to the developer, after the investor has fully re-paid the invested money plus the agreed interest.

This is a unique opportunity in Thailand, as an investor will never have such an option in Europe or the United States because a developer there would have the chance to obtain a much cheaper loan from the bank against the land. But here again, this is nearly impossible in Thailand.

However, these developers are not seeking a few small investors, as it would be too complicated to provide each of their security on the land. For this reason, the minimum investment is around 300,000 Euros (400,000 USD) up to 5 Million Euros (7 Million USD) and even greater for bigger projects.

There are also opportunities, where a developer(s) propose to an investor(s) to become a partner in the company by transferring a percentage of the company shares and sharing the profits with the investor. This is much better than having your own development, as nearly all of these developers are already very experienced and successful in the Thai property market.

If you are interested in such investments we will appreciate meeting with you and explaining in more detail your security, your profit, and your options.

We are also very interested as well to receive inquiries from developers who are seeking investors. After we have performed our due diligence in the development and investment options, and we are satisfied that it will be a successful development, we can proceed and present this to our investors.

In the last few years, One Stop Real Estate has successfully arranged a number of such investment agreements and joint ventures.

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